Donations are a useful way to get money to keep Moonlit Echoes up and running. There are many different donation ranks, and some may be added in the future.

Please note that every $ is 10 credits. The math isn't too hard.

Warrior Cats Donation Ranks

  • VenomClan: VenomClan is the server equivalent to BloodClan. They are viscious rogues who have made their own Clan in an abandoned lot near the Twoleg neighborhood. VenomClan costs $5, or 50 credits.
  • Kittypet: Kittypets are self explanitory. They live with Twolegs, which are also a donation rank. Kittypet costs $2, or 20 credits.
  • Twoleg: Be a Twoleg and care for a kittypet! Please note that this is not a full on human RP with school and things like that. The Twoleg is only for caring and being happy with their pet. Twoleg costs $7, or 70 credits.
  • Dark Forest: The Dark Forest is where all evil cats go to when they die. You need to donate JUST so you can have a dead Dark Forest cat. Dark Forest costs $10, or 100 credits.
  • The Lost Clans: The Lost Clans is an RP with three other Clans, IvyClan, ScorchClan, and TidalClan. They have some history with the main Clans... the Lost Clans costs $10, or 100 credits.
  • The Tribe of Flooding Sunlight: The Tribe of Flooding Sunlight is the server's equivalent to the Tribe of Rushing Water, although it has some differences. There was a prophecy that theee cats would make the Tribe. The Tribe costs $5, or 50 credits.


  • N/A

Wings of Fire Donation Ranks

  • Talons of Peace: The Talons of Peace is a peace community. They live in a cave a bit off of the SkyWing territory. The Talons of Peace costs $15, or 150 credits.


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