Gecko ​is a Rainwing owned by _Mystic_Phoenix_ in minecraft. He is a Rainwing who did attend Jade Mountain Academy in the Copper Winglet, but left with his crush.


He stays mostly as a vivid fern green color with a canary yellow underbelly, his under-scales is ruby red and he has purple dots going down his neck, his frills are purple also and his snout is canary yellow also. His wing-membranes are a bright orange. He has yellow eyes and wears a boar leather pouch and often a necklace of flowers.

He is tall for a Rainwing, and his neck is elegantly long to match, he described as lanky at times for being tall and skinny. He has the body-build for that of a great runner, and he could obtain a fast flight time.


Gecko is usually upbeat as like all Rainwings, but he has a more intelligent side, he dreams of becoming an author, even though he couldn't read the moment he stepped into Jade Mountain Academy. He is very mischievous and clever. But, he is extremely sweet and kind, caring about those he is friends with. He likes to camouflage, a lot. He is easily surprised and quick to get nervous. He is very jittery, not staying in one place, but he could calm down if he choses.


Gecko is was a single dragonet, hatching under the wing of his mother, Flourish, in the rainforest. He was known as a dragon with many friends. He could make friends as he pleased. But, when Flourish's sister, Paradise came to visit from her island home, Gecko met his two older cousins, Peacock and Lily. Peacock bullied Gecko a lot when he was young, telling stories of evil dragons waiting in the dark. Lily was kind to Gecko, because she was also subjected to Peacock's bullying. Lily explained that Peacock was mentally unstable. Flourish hated seeing her son being sad, so she with Paradise's help, got Gecko into the Jade Mountain Academy to get away from Peacock.

He learned happily, with love in his mind. Until he decided to run away with his crush, Deepsea.


  • Gecko loves to hide and spy on dragons, it is his quirk.
  • Gecko likes singing, some say he sings very good.
  • Actually when I, Mystic, came up with Gecko's name, his name would of been Chameleon if it wasn't taken.

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