IAmYourTrashCan, also known as Mimi, and many other things, is Head-Administrator of Moonlit Echoes.


Mimi has always loved video games, and joined Minecraft around their eighth or ninth birthday. Mimi started reading Warrior Cats at around 3rd grade, and started Wings of Fire in January of 2017.

They have been drawing since they were 3 years old, and still are today.

Staff House

Mimi's staff house is a small tower with blue, red, and yellow stained glass windows. They also added torches, and a chandelier to make it look more medieval and cool. Inside, are signs about them, and things that they like.


  • Mimi is a genderfluid, polyamorous lesbian, and they support LGBTQ+ with all of their heart.
  • Mimi's pronouns are they/them, but they accept he/him and she/her.
  • Mimi knew they were genderfluid at a young age, but didn't know there was a term for it until about a year ago.

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