Princess Husky is an IceWing princess that belongs to _Star_Dream/Howl.


Husky was born while her sister, Princess Crescent, was watching her egg. A few moments after she was born, she felt 'special', and Crescent told her (although, being a newborn, she couldn't understand) that she was an animus.

Some time later, after Zero and Flare left Jade Mountain Academy, Husky was sent to JMA. She took Zero's place in the Jade Winglet. She is still very young, however, and still doesn't know that she is an animus.


Husky is cautious when it comes to new situations. Most of the time she is happt and optimistic, and she likes meeting new friends.


  • Husky is Howl's WoFSona/her main WoF OC
  • Husky has a necklace with a blue gem that fades into pink
  • Husky is very close to her sister, Crescent

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