Prophecies are special events that happen. They are very mysterious and usually call for someone to have a forced destiny. They are usually about defeating someone/something.

Wings of Fire Prophecies

There have been several prophecies involving Wings of Fire. Moon is the main creator for the Wings of Fire prophecies.

The Element Prophecy

The Element Prophecy is a prophecy about 5 dragons controlling an element. One has fire (Razor), one has air (Freeze), one has water (Tears), one has earth (Mirage), and the last one has all of the elements (Spectrum).

The Corrupted Talons of Peace

The Talons of Peace has gone corrupt, and one dragon from each tribe (excluding RainWing (for now)) are to protect the heirs to the throne and save Pyrrhia.

Warrior Cats Prophecies

The War of Dying Sunlight (NOT RPED, BUT IN HISTORY)

The War of Dying Sunlight is the war between the original Clans (IvyClan, ScorchClan, and TidalClan) against the modern Clans (SplashClan, ThornClan, MorningClan, FadeClan, and SageClan). It is how the original Clans were driven away to be the modern day Lost Clans. There was a prophecy fortelling the events of this battle.

The ThornClan Massacre

The ThornClan Massacre is an event fortold by a prophecy. A kittypet named Muffin and a rogue named Talon had five kits that had a great destiny. One was going to have a forbidden mate, one was going to die as an apprentice, two were going to plan to destroy the forest, an the last one was the savior of the forest, "once and for all".

Several important cats' lives' were taken by Russetsong and Lionroar, including Bumblestar, Skydapple, and many others.

Wind, Aspen and Whisper: A New Destiny

3 cats (Windpaw, Aspengaze, and Whispersong) from SageClan, MorningClan, and FadeClan respectively rebelled against their Clans and set out far from the territories to create a new way of life. The Tribe of Flooding Sunlight.

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