Queen Starlight is the NightWing queen that belongs to Arctic_Wish/Owlz


Starlight was born with the Queen and King watching her egg closely. Her teardrop shapes, signaling mind reading and future foreseeing, were immediately recognized; her mother and father were overjoyed. She did not understand her parents' pleasure until later in her life. Starlight had no close friends during her childhood, for she was a royal heir and her parents did not want her to become 'corrupt', as other NightWing dragonets were.

After years, she finally challenged her mother with no mercy and earned her rank as queen of NightWings. Starlight did not believe in other dragons lower than herself seeing her, so she used a screen, like used in the past.


Starlight is usually independent and mysterious. She does not trust any other dragons with her plans, and only the other queens of Pyrriha, a few guards, and her own dragonets have seen her without her screen. Her actions are very imperious; she makes her own decisions, and is usually feared and respected by her tribe.


  • Starlight wears silver spirals on her horns as 'crowns', and a single silver necklace that is enchanted by her
  • Starlight is an Animus
  • She believes that lies are a simple way of life, and has no trouble lying to other queens; during their recent meeting, Starlight lied about her true intentions, only to keep the other queens talking for long enough until she could try to assassinate another queen

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